Welcome to Kentucky Pool!

Hi. We’re Paul and Tyll, and we play pool at The Crystal Bar in Bozeman, Montana.


One day, our buddy Long John Walker walks in and says, “Hey, you guys play 8-ball all the time, why don’t you play something different? You should play Kentucky pool!”
“What’s that,” we ask?
“It’s where you bounce your ball off the cue ball and into the pocket.”
“What are the rules?”
“Hell if I know.”

And thus was born our version of Kentucky Pool. There may be others, but we’ve searched the web and found not a peep about Kentucky Pool.  (Chinese 8-Ball is as close as we’ve found—though it can’t be played on a bar table—and this carom drill is quite similar.) So, for the last four or five years we’ve been developing our own version of the game.

Here’s what it looks like…


We think it’s a great game (of course), but we’ve found others enjoy it too, so we built this web-site so others can learn the game.

Kentucky Pool:

  • makes your quarters last about three times longer
  • is not as easily dominated by the better player
  • will have others watching wondering what the heck is going on
  • is just plain fun to play!

Surf the menu at the top of the page or…
Click “The Rules” to learn how to play the game.
Click “Example Shots” to see some of the ways to make a ball.
Click “Game Strategy” to understand the game.
Click “Forums” to chat about the game.


A new kind of cue sport